Our Kombucha is surprising

Our Kombucha is surprising

A brasserie like no other

Brewed in Strasbourg in Alsace, our drinks are 100% natural and 100% organic.
  They are made with raw products (no aromas) carefully selected from producers respectful of people and nature.

They are unpasteurized and thus retain all their virtues. They need to be stored away from heat and light. Our research work having made it possible to increase the stability of our kombucha, our drinks can also be offered in the dry section in an air-conditioned store.

A “pin” capsule

With its “pin” capsule, our KOMBUCHA is above all a pleasure drink to share with friends, perfect for the ready-to-eat snack section.

Our projects

Since the start of our adventure, our philosophy has been based on respect for life in all its forms! Whether it’s raw materials, human resources or the environment. For us, it is therefore essential that our partners and suppliers share our values.


Our raw materials are chosen with care and come from organic farming and fair trade. The ingredients we select for flavoring are processed in our workshop. So, for example, we ourselves squeeze our ginger and turmeric juices cold or we make our own macerates of flower petals and spices (cardamom or mauve and rosebuds for example).

The glass deposit

We pay particular attention to the development of local economic activity and the preservation of the environment. This is why we have invested in a program combining a solidarity and ecological dimension.

In partnership with a specialized establishment in Strasbourg, our glass bottles will soon be cleaned and can thus be reused up to 17 times! This deposit system has a double objective: environmental and social. It is currently being tested with the active participation of our regional customers. The MERHRWEG logo certifies this commitment to our partners in France, but also to our partners in Germany!